The creation of a new way to use Internet and you can be part of it...

Help this company and we will be able to create a similar console as Xbox or PlayStation, but it will be 100% web and free. It focuses on utilities as games, movies, music or any other web application that you can imagine. You just simply open the website from the console of your Smart TV, Desktop Computer or Laptop; next you open the control’s web from your Smartphone or Tablet. Behold, instantly you have a hilarious wireless web console.

Among, its features we can find:

Free Web Console to use on your Smart TV, Desktop Computer or Laptop.
Fun Wireless joysticks using your Tablet or Smartphone.
Hardware for more than 20 joysticks for a same game having fun with your Friends and Family.
Customized Virtual Console.
No downloads and it has an easy access from any device.
Predetermine Websites (Facebook, YouTube, Games, among others).
Framework, to include virtual joysticks on your website.
Incorporates virtual joysticks to other websites by Development companies.

We look for ways to connect devices in the simplest way. Know how we do it…

Open the Web Console in your Smart TV/Desktop Computer/Laptop (note: this demo work with Chrome, Firefox and Android. The full version work with all browsers)

Open from your Smartphone URL and wait until they are synchronized by Wi-Fi

That’s it. You’re ready to have Fun!!

Your Website to remote control

The easiest way to connect devices through Wifi and Javascript (just two functions Share.send and Share.receive). The framework supports WebRTC, Websocket, API of Set Top Box, and scalable for actual and future engines. Developed to massive industries (movies, tv, music, games, others).

Include the framework

Step 1: Add on head tags

<script src=""></script>

Step 2: Execute function at website of remote control

var data = {
	func: 'play',
	param: 'x=88'}

Step 3: Execute function at website of screen

share.receive = function(data){
	var param = share.paramToArray(data.param);
		case 'play':{
		case 'stop':{

Prototype test

Scalability of technologies

ShareSmartphone is an open innovation Project with the collaboration of big and small companies, where the entire world can participate on this new way to use Internet.